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Toyshop News

We have moved..!
Yes after many years in Bath the Toyshop sales office has now been closed.

Sales are now mostly all through the web site and communication is by email. (there is a phone number available to leave messages)

This results in much lower overheads and far keener prices than we could ever offer before.

Due to total lack of demand, we no longer have a showroom but any items on sale on consignment can be viewed by appointment.

AMS Neve modules
see our Tech Archive for the history and detailed spec on each

site updated 21st April 2003

Welcome to the Audio Toyshop

For those who haven't come across us before, the name should give you a clue!

Audio Toyshop supply both new and used professional
audio equipment to companies and individuals all over
the world. We've mailed microphones to Majorca and
installed SSL studios in Seoul...

If you're seeking or selling equipment, register here or submit your e-mail address using the box top-left of any page. You'll then receive regular copies of our listing and details of special offers.

Check out our
Sales section for full monty colour pictures and details on each individual item.


Springtime Specials

Neve V3 48 channel with Flying Faders

2 x GML 8200 5 b eq's!!!!

RARE on s/h market - Prism Masselec mastering eq

ATC SCM 200 complete monitoring system

Neve 1272-8 rack - 8 channel class A mic pre

Lexicon 224 XL with LARC

Also, a pile of Amek, Eventide, Lexicon, Neve, Studer etc.
 all in the
Sales section etc etc...
  Many items previously listed have now been
drastically reduced

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